the stories behind the numbers.

We are all struggling. Every day, we’re updated on the latest case numbers of COVID-19 in Ireland - those digits on a screen decide when we get to see our friends again, go back to college and make up for the lost time. But they are so much more than that. 

Behind every case, there is a story - a human life impacted or even lost.

As we continue to follow public health guidelines and be antiviral, Alex, Jack, and Susie share their first-hand experiences with COVID-19. 

Alex, a healthy guy in his 20’s who, like many of us, is missing GAA and socialising with his friends. He never thought COVID would be more than just the flu. 

Jack, a fit 17-year-old with no underlying conditions is still recovering from the long-term effects of COVID and Susie, a nurse in an ICU, caring for COVID patients talks about the difficulties she faces daily. 


Their stories are a reminder of why we are doing this. 

Be #Antiviral

This documentary was filmed in February 2021 in accordance with current COVID-19 government guidelines.

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